The Ontario Wine Society (OWS) is one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and most active independent organisations for wine enthusiasts. OWS is a non-profit organisation focused on promoting Ontario wines and the unique qualities found within each of Ontario’s seventeen viticultural appellations.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 19. 



The Ontario Wine Society Corporate Board consists of the presidents of the individual Chapters who provide corporate oversight and guidance for the Society as a whole. 

Corporate Directors

Mark Costello (London)

Jackie Barrett (Niagara)

Claudia Taylor (Windsor-Essex)

Chanile Vines (Toronto)

OWS At a Glance

  • Over 400 members 
  • Over 40 events a year 
  • More than 600 of Ontario's outstanding wines tasted
  • Ontario wines frequently paired with counterparts from around the world 
  • Events showcase talents of local chefs alongside the wines
  • Industry representatives including wine makers and winery owners sharing their wines